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Discover guria sightseeings

Guria is a small region in the west Georgia and it quite differs from other parts of Georgia with its fascinating landscapes, mixed microclimate of (sea and mountain) local wine and great sense of humor .

Sea resorts: guria has a boarder to the black sea.

There are three seaside resorts , as ureki, shekvetili and grigoleti.

Ureki is quite distinguished with its sandy beaches , containing rich minerals which are the best for babies and adults who needs their  body and bones  to enrich with minerals from magnetic sands.

Shekvetili’s coastline Is for people who would like to spend their vacations in a quite and healthy environment.

As for mountain resorts you have an opportunity to visit famous nabeghlavi  mineral springs and bakhmaro forests, where you can take pleasure in the period of evening of making fire and see the sunset from the highest hill. (1926), (2050)

Gurians cuisine is quite majestic.

Such as satsivi, boiled chicken with nut sause,  guruli gvezeli- baked cheese cake with boiled eggs traditional Christmas food.

Naturally rose wine called chkhaveri (the favourite wine of J. stalin) is one of the unique wines in Georgia.

You are welcome !

Try gurian  hospitality.


We can offer you 2-3  or more days trip which will memorable for you

all life.



Professional guide/ driver

Comfortable car

In case of adventurous ( for wheel drive)

2 bottles of water per person

Overnight in mountains (we advise you places )

Picnic near the river


1 person, 10 persons, 2 persons, 3 persons, 4 persons, 5 persons, 6 persons, 7 persons, 8 persons, 9 persons


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