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Adjara is a region where are several famous beaches : Batumi , sarpi, gonio , kvariati, Kobuleti.

There is no place during summer time and beaches are always filled with tourists enjoying themselves.

What to expect from Batumi?

Batumi is one of the oldest city in Georgia, dates back from 8th century , as we know first settlements called like batus, dates back 4th century BC.

Boulevard of Batumi is stretched with beautiful bungalows, cafes, different monuments, plants, palms and dancing fountains.

The birth of boulevard begins from the end of 19 th century (1881) by Ressler who was Prussian famous landscapes architect ad gardener. Afterwards it was rebeautified by different European architects step by step.

Botanical garden of Batumi was founded in 1912 , plenty of varieties of plants wonder visitors during his trip there .

Gonio apsaros fortress is one of the preserved sightseeings in Georgia . as we know it was supporting citadel initially for romans, afterwards for byzantines and later for ottomans.

According the legend , here is burried son of aeetes, who was killed by Jason ..

According orthodox belief, in the fortress of Gonio was burried mathes, one of the pupils of Jesus Christ.



Dolphinarium of Batumi is one of the most visited places in the city . where you can see dolphins and meanwhile contact with them.



Professional guide/driver

Comfortable car

2bottles of water

Visit other places on the road



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