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About Georgia

Georgia (Georgians call their country Sakartvelo) is rich with its ancient culture, history and religion heritage. Our country locates between black and Caspian seas. It borders are: to the north Russian federation, to the south Armenia and Turkey, to the southeast Azerbaijan. To the west black sea.

Capital of Georgia is Tbilisi , one of the ancient capital around the world. total surface of country is 69.700 square km, with 3.7 million of population. Inspite of that, Georgia is a small country every part of it quite differs from each other by traditions, landscapes , habits, microclimate zones and etc.


Feel and taste magnificent kakhetian Wine will be always unforgetable on your mind. Plenty of monuments , great landscapes , picturesque Alazani valley nearby it , you will be able to visit feast tables, where smiling faces with a great sense of hospitality sing numerous poliponic songs. One of the best known of songs is chakrulo was sent to galaxy world before.


A stunningly beautiful region in the west Georgia. The central city of imereti is Kutaisi the capital of ancient Colchis’ kingdom. This city is famous for its cultural heritage. The first one is Gelati monastery which is under Unesco protection . The second one is famous bagrati monastery (10-11th century) was built by king of united Georgia Bagrat III. Nearby Kutaisi you can also visit other points like prometeus and sataplia caves. Kinchka waterfall and martvili canyon the beautiful one in Georgia.

Samegrelo, Martvili

• Martvili canyons in medievals used to be a bath place of Dadiani family. Today you can visit it, take a trip by boat and relax and enjoy with its waterfall and green pure water.
• Martvili region locates in west Georgia from Tbilisi approximately in 280 km . On the hill in the village is standing wonderful monastery.

In an old period here was a place were pagans sacrificed infants and worshiped an oak tree as a symbol of prosperity or fertility. After people became Christians the tree was cut down , upon it on the roots was built monastery. 7th century, than reconstructed after invasions in 10th century. There are frescoes preserved, from the time of medievals.

The Samegrelo region is unique for its culture and history. Especially because of its own dialect, mengrelian speech. As for sightseeings the best visit will be to see Zugdidi, especially dadiani palace. It is belonged to Samegrelo nobles. There are valueable, thousands of exhibitional things.